Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Those pesky handicapped people

I'm happy to say I had wonderful house guests. It was a great week.

Taking care of other people, though, makes you notice aspects about the real world that you may have overlooked before.

Like that most people, in public, are incredibly ignorant when they cross paths with an injured or handicapped person.

Here's the right thing to do: give a little courtesy to the disabled party. Perhaps hold a door open for him or her. No need to push past the handicapped person -- wait your turn.

During my visit with my guest-on-crutches, I saw people push past her in stores, and when she was struggling to get out of a car, an asshole female driver -- whom I had asked to please wait -- drove past my injured guest, nearly hitting her.

Guess what, morons? An additional two-to-thirty second wait is not going to kill you, and --gasp--you probably will still be on time wherever you're going.

The next time you see an injured, feeble, or handicapped person who's in your path, stop and think for a minute: What if this was my mother? My father? Brother? Sister? Wouldn't you want everyone else to be a little patient and courteous?

Yeah, me, too.

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