Monday, August 10, 2009


A recent Miss Manners column caught my eye, and made me realize most of us are not taught what to do when we need to sneeze in public.

Miss Manners says to carry a handkerchief (cloth) all the time, and sneeze into it.

I'm of the disposable age, so I'll say keep a Kleenex tucked inside your purse or pocket.

When with others, especially at the dinner table (or any meal, for that matter), do not do the following when you sneeze:

  • Just let it out and let germs and moisture fly every which way.
  • Pull your shirt away from you, tuck chin to chest, and sneeze into your clothing.
  • Sneeze into your hand, finish with an, "Ahhhh...." and then wipe your hand on your pants.
A sneeze into a kerchief or Kleenex is acceptable, as long as you are quick, quiet, and discreet. Need a moment to blow? Excuse yourself and head to the bathroom to clear your sinuses.

And then wash your germ-covered hands before returning to the table.