Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer etiquette

As I sat and tried to enjoy the festivities at last night's free music show, it occurred to me that summer has its own strain of etiquette, especially for those outdoor activities that involve more than one person.

Some "dos" that apply when you're out enjoying the warm weather:

  • Throw out your own damn garbage. Don't strew it every which way and expect the city (or passersby) to pick it up. Probably a good idea to take a used plastic grocery bag with you, and collect your own detritus.
  • Are you in a public place where others are present? Then please remember that it's not all about you. Keep your voice down; remove obstructive hats; bathe before leaving the house; use deodorant.

  • Follow the rules. Even though it's a public place, chances are if you're in a major city, there's some rule like "No Smoking in This Public Place." Don't try to sneak a ciggy; moreover, don't get pissed off at the security guard who does his job and asks you to stop.
The best thing you can bear in mind when out and about is that we're all in this together. Let's make it pleasant for everyone.