Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mad props to the polite

I absolutely love Menards. As you wander the aisles with that "I have no idea what an aerator is" look on your face, a Menards Associate will usually approach you and offer help.

Assistance is offered up in a friendly manner. If the approacher isn't the person to help you, s/he will walk you over to the expert in the appropriate department. How I wish everyone in real life and corporate America operated this way.

And I gotta say, their associates are so knowledgeable. (Nice change from some of my other shopping experiences.) I actually saw a cheapskate customer trying to talk the plumbing expert down on a kit he needed. She told him where he could buy his parts cheaper, and even gave him directions to the cheaper store. (It was almost comical to watch. You're at flippin Menards -- you're not going to get much cheaper.)

Thank you, Menards folks, who helped me find my sink adapters and paint pads!