Friday, June 26, 2009

Leave the engaged couple alone

More wedding-ish etiquette.

Sigh. It's unfortunate that rude comments and imposed-expectations don't go away once the reception is over. I think I dodged a lot of impolite bullets by eloping. My engaged friends -- who aren't even married yet -- are informing me of the further rude and too-personal comments they're receiving:

  • "When are you two having kids?" (None of your business.)


  • "You'd better get going right away with a baby -- you're no spring chicken, you know" (Variations on this one: "Your eggs will dry up.")
Let's assume that the questioner is well-intentioned and either genuinely curious, trying to be helpful, or really has nothing more creative to say. The best you, the listener, can do is to rise above it, smile, be evasive ("Hmm, that's on a need to know basis. I'll let you know when you need to know...") then change the subject. ("How about that Crosstown Classic? Wild, huh?")

When someone is impolite, don't go there with him or her.