Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More netiquette

"Netiquette" (Internet + Etiquette) isn't just for's for -- duh! -- the internet.

When posting in chatrooms, forums, message boards, any where on line:

  • Keep it clean.

  • Even if you feel like swearing (yes, I know I likes my cusses, but it's my blog, dammit.), don't find some creative way to hide your swear in another word or with funky spacing. Your post will likely get deleted or blocked anyway.

  • Resist the urge to flame other posters. Would you say that to the poster's face if he/she were right in front of you? Yeah, I didn't think so. (If you just said "Yes I would," then I dare you to go walk over to a coworker right now, and say something nasty ("Hey genius! Nice comment!") with a sarcastic, snarky tone. See what happens.)

  • Don't ramble. No one likes a rambler -- in an email, on a voice mail, or in a post.

  • Don't bore the rest of the world by describing your word verification and what you thought of it. Yes, it's effing hilarious that your WV on today's Cakewrecks was "putrefied" and that's what you thought of the photo. The rest of us don't care.