Friday, July 24, 2009

If you're a houseguest

The big no-no of host gifts...see why below.

When staying at someone else's home, make sure you make an offering of gratitude -- and I don't mean a stupid post-it note on the fridge with the word "Thanks!" scrawled across it.

  • A gift is cheaper than a hotel. Show up with a hostess gift - even if you're only staying for one night. A bottle of wine, a bag of nice coffee beans, or sweets are nice -- anything that you think your host would appreciate.

  • Do not bring hostess soaps. Nobody likes those. And they stink to high heaven.

  • When visiting a home that includes small children, a little something for the little somethings is always nice.

  • Staying for a few days? Or a week? Buy your host(s) at least one meal, if not more.

  • Short on cash? Cook for your host(s) one night. Or morning. We loooove to be waited on.
The worst house guests I ever had stayed for two days, said, "We want to take you out for dinner!" then asked me for $30 when the bill came. Their act of gratitude? A stupid post-it note on the fridge with the word, "Thanks!" scrawled across it.