Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mad props to the polite

This week's mad props go to...

  • The couple who brought wine to a dinner party and presented it to the host.
  • The host who then asked, "Would you like me to open this now?"* (guest politely declined)
  • The guests who offered to help clear place settings after dinner.*
* The last two are optional -- nice things to do, but you don't hafta.

I've been argued against by wine snobs who tell me, "If the host has planned a dinner party with a wine that complements the food, then the host shouldn't open the new wine."

Yeah, "whatevs" as the kids are saying. Despite living in Northern California for five years, my wine snobbery extends to "If it tastes good, and you like it, drink it." Only wine-drinking rule in my house is the ban on two-buck Chuck.

Mad props to you, polite people! You make the world a better place!