Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tomorrow's Easter -- do not give any animals

A recent discussion on Carolyn Hax Live got me thinking about pets-as-gifts.

Bottom line: It's never (never, ever!) a good idea.

Taking on a pet is a responsibility that one (or one's parents) needs to choose for him/herself. Giving someone a bunny or chicks at Easter is, honestly, downright stupid and irresponsible. Yes, they're cute, cuddly and adorable -- for about 5 minutes. Every year, animal shelters are flooded with bunnies that the kids "just don't want anymore."

Not to mention, selecting a pet and foisting it on someone is, well, just inconsiderate. You've now dumped a full time responsibility into that person or family's lap. What if all the household heads work full time? What if the family is a single parent with 2 small children that already require full-time maintenance? What if one or more family members travel full time for work? What if there are allergies present? What if they just don't want it?

Giving someone a pet -- dog, bunny, etc. -- just isn't the right thing to do. Target has plenty of candy on sale--go get some of that.