Tuesday, April 7, 2009

facebook facebook facebook

I'm not terribly in love with facebook, that of-the-moment internet rage. Do I really need to list the reasons? The timesuck, the lack of value it adds to one's day or life (although I have a friend who swears she found her yoga studio via facebook....the same yoga studio her next-door neighbor [me!] attended weekly for four years), etc. etc.

And I'm appalled at the crap and private details people share on facebook. Call me an old fuddy-duddy, but I don't need to see your sonogram photos, nor does the world. (nor is it terribly classe to publicly share such. You can put those in a private "Inbox" message. Oh yes you can.) Your private phone number and security access code you just wrote on Susie's Wall? Yes, I can see that, too.

Wall-to-Wall messages are not private. Comments and Notes are not private. If I'm a friend of your friend, I can see the personal details you write to them. So please stop.

While I'm carping, also know that it's not cool to announce details of your upcoming wedding, bachelor/ette party, etc. if not all of your FB friends are invited. Some might be hurt. Some might wonder -- publicly, on your wall -- why they weren't invited.

There's all sorts of private tools for your use on the internet: Evite, email, or -- shocker -- your private Inbox with Messaging capacity on -- you got it! -- facebook.

Now let's virtually zip those lips.