Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mad props to the polite

Labor Day Weekend! Ah, just when I thought, like most holiday weekends in Chicago, I could get parking anywhere, I was proven wrong. The world descended upon Chicago this weekend (blame either Oprah or the Red Sox-White Sox showdown). Even tiny parks on the far north side were teeming with humans.

And that's a good thing. I'm happy to report that this week was filled with good manners (save for the idiot on his cell phone who nearly ran me over yesterday. But no bitching on Sunday!).

On display in Chicago this past week:

  • People holding elevator doors open for strangers.
  • A mom teaching her young son good behavior on the bus.
  • A child saying, "I'm sorry," repeatedly to the adult who was hit by the child's errant football.
  • Adult graciously accepting the kid's apology.
  • In crowded areas: stores, malls, escalators, Jazz Fest* - no one was pushing or shoving!
  • Anyone who needed to get by this bitch said, "Excuse me."
Thank you, polite people! You make crazy holiday weekends nicer for everyone. We appreciate you.

* If you're in the area, and haven't already, I highly recommend getting down to Jazz Fest - even just for a bit - today, the last day. Grab some food, sit on some nearby grass and listen to some jazzy tunes. It's truly a gem.