Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Break Up in Person

There's a terribly entertaining entry in honor of Valentine's Day on Gaper's Block. Read about horrible break ups, and weep or laugh, depending on your sensibility.

I share this with you because some of them are so amazingly rude. I don't care if you're a member of Generation Y, X, or a Boomer -- the only decent way to dump someone is in person. If you're long-distance, okay, you get a pass and are allowed to do it live over the phone.

But you gotta remember, when you have to have a difficult conversation, the only right way to do it is in-person. Dumping someone via text or via your roommate is, well, cruel, and also very rude. Disrespectful.

Remember -- there's a human being on the receiving end of the message. Let's not be a nation of cowards, people.

Need to do some dumping this valentine's day? Do it face to face, or at least call the other person. And, no, you can not do it on voicemail.