Sunday, January 4, 2009

The line won't go faster just because you get up on me

To everyone who stands behind anyone in line:

Stay the eff back. Yes, go ahead and put your groceries on the conveyor belt (if you happen to be in a grocery store; doing this in a bank, at the DMV, etc., might be bad form), but your toes don't have to touch my heels.

If the person in front of you can feel you breathe, you're wayyyyy too close. Back off.

Many people are protective of their personal space. Many people just don't like you pressuring them forward. Many just don't want to feel shoved out of the grocery line.

So whenever you're in line -- wherever -- wait your turn. It will come, I promise. No minuscule person will sneak into the two feet between you and the person ahead. Just chill. And back off. I don't need you crowding me.

Thank you.