Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Driving

Folks, especially you Chicago Drivers, this is why you don't run stop signs, okay?

An ad in The Chicago Reader caught my eye. It's the "UR The Spokesperson" campaign by the Ad Council. The graphic is one of those 1950s-looking guys-- my favorite style of graphic design. The campaign is to promote speaking up against reckless driving.

I love it. Read the safe driving guidelines and then follow them.

It seemed odd to me that the ad was in the Reader, because this campaign, according to Ad Council's website, is aimed at teens. Driving on the streets of Chicago for the last ten years, I think any moron (that means all of us) who gets behind the wheel needs to follow these guidelines. Read what the Ad Council has to say. And please read some of Etiquette Bitch's good driving guidelines. Driving politely is safe, and also demonstrates respect for yourself, and all those strangers out there around you -- which is what etiquette is all about.

Remember, we're all in this together, folks.

Etiquette Bitch's Top 4 Good Driving Guidelines

  1. Don't tailgate. You are not going to make it there any faster.
    Plus, if you rear-end someone, regardless of the circumstances, it is your fault.

    (This is how the courts, insurance, and law will rule. How do I know? Because I rear-ended someone. Twice.)

  2. Stop. You know those red signs that say "STOP"? They mean you need to stop completely. Not "roll through." Not "ignore this sign and go."
    Stop. Fully. Wait. Now Go.

  3. Silence is golden. Unless there is some imminent danger, do not blow your horn. It's noisy, and you are probably annoying someone nearby. Waiting to pick up someone? Then go to their door, lazy-ass, or call them with your cell phone.

  4. Hang up and drive. No texting (teens!) while driving. No talking on your phone -- whatsoever. If you must make a call (lost, directions, etc.) pull the eff over for two minutes, make call, then get back on the road.

    In Chicago, you may only yak on your cell phone if you have a hands-free device, but please don't even use this. When you are on the phone -- no matter how -- while driving, your brain is distracted, and you are not fully present and aware, and your reaction time is slowed.

    Be respectful and present while driving. It's safer for you and everyone else around you.
Thank you!!!